Trapped is a poetry written on big screen


Vikramaditya Motwane’s #Trapped is a poetic representation of an ambitious man, especially in a tough city like Bombay which could go very cold and ruthless most of the times. I was lucky enough to get a chance to see the movie at its world premiere in #MAMI festival and meet the director, brilliant Raj Kumar Rao and other cast and crew members. There was a Q & A session too where I wanted to ask many questions because I was going through so many thoughts after watching the movie but couldn’t because of the limited time.

The simple one line story is that leading man Shaurya ( Raj Kumar Rao) gets trapped on the top floor of a building. Vikramaditya very cleverly decided to call the building ” Swarg Apartment” which means Heaven. Yes, Heaven, a heaven in the mind of every ambitious man where he thinks himself on TOP, above all and beyond common reach.

Shaurya decided to create a heaven for him and one simple mistake made him trapped in his own heaven which suddenly transformed in a hell as soon as he lost the contact with outside world. Where his fear ( rat, in this case) started living with him. The first thing Shaurya did to get the attention of people, he threw away his LED TV. Shaurya who always thought about flying high in the sky was desperately trying to get his ground where he, at least can live a normal life. In a way, #Trapped was a sequel of Vikrmaditya’s first movie #Udaan. Yes, it is ok to take a #Udaan but sometimes it can get you trapped in your own dreams. With Trapped, Motwane has shown that he is master of his craft, he shows that how cruel a city like Bombay,can get. People are helpful here but they can not go beyond a limit because they simply don’t have time. The scene where Shaurya tries to collect rainwater for himself in a toilet water container again gives a picture of the city of dreams Bombay where success and money are plenty for many while some struggles for basic needs. Bombay ( or life in general) can be very ruthless, insensitive and yes deaf too! No amount of crying for help will get you out of your situation until or unless you burn all those ” HELP” signs , learn to play with fire and make fear your friend. And yes, you also need to learn to survive on nonvegetarian diet

Last para has spoiler alerts, so if you have not seen the movie, don’t read it.


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UGLY : Because they believed that the way to heaven is through hell

Anurag Kashyap's Ugly

Anurag Kashyap’s Ugly

Ugly is another master stroke from Anurag Kashyap and with this movie he makes it clear that as he gets more successful, he will explore more the darker side of human mind without any compromise. Don’t expect the usual optimism from his movies, go for it if you are ready to have a punch on face, ready to get hurt emotionally and ready to see some dark side of yourself in mirror. Don’t expect him to entertain you. His movies are a journey through hell and you should watch it only if you enjoy to torture yourself.

Ugly is about an innocent unwanted life surrounded by an unfulfilled self-centric ambition, a failed relationship, a broken ego which can go to any length to heal itself and some desires which starts stinking when not fulfilled on its time.

When the missing girl’s actor father is more concerned if he will ever get work after a broken face than his missing girl,  or when girl’s mother is more concerned about the money for herself ( or her beauty parlor), we know that their priorities are somewhere else. And what can you expect then?

Anurag Kashyap’s problem is that he is brutally honest with his craft and he leaves nothing  for respiration! While other directors use sex and item numbers as a marketing tool, Anurag Kashyap shows the truth of the human being behind that ultra sexy, कामोत्तोजक “item- girl”!

All the actors did a great job in the movie. Ronit Roy, Girish Kulkarni, Rahul Bhat, Vineet Singh, Tejswini Kolhapure, Surveen Chawla, all of them were superb. The background score and all of the songs were just great!

Though movie is presented like an humble effort from a director who is just trying to make his own kind of cinema but when you see the movie , you realize that they want to blast away every fucking formula of Bollywood and trying to create a new space.  What more we can ask for? So , more power to Team Ugly!


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Animated cartoon : Salman Khurshid ke paas Maa hai

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Tarun Tejpal Controversy: It’s time to think about the other side of sex crimes

Tarun Tejpal

Tarun Tejpal

We are a country possessed by this hysterical mass madness. We are constantly busy in searching the villains so we can feel a little better for few moments when compared to him.

If this is not the case, why the gang-rape of a teenager by 4 men in the broad daylight near a crowded Borivali station, Mumbai went almost unnoticed by electronic and social media enthusiasts and TV anchors with old school acting ability who are  shouting, fighting in their own show and playing almost as a victim by using all possible voice modulations are only going after Mr. Tarun Tejpal ‘ alleged’ rape case.

Yes, I agree ,  crime against the women is most horrific and heinous crime in the world and Mr. Tarun Tejpal should face a fitting punishment for what he had done. But for a moment, stop, breathe and think again. Mr. Tarun Tejpal is not a serial sex offender like what we are hearing about Asaram  , he is not one of the rapist from the 16 December, 2012 Nirbhaya case. Stop treating him like one. Mr. Tarun Tejpal is known for his truthfulness as a journalist, he is not in this profession for mere personal gains but because of his passion and we all know that he paid a price for it .

Yes, please, I am still not saying that he has not done a crime. He might have done it and he will have to pay for it. But how the BJP machinery is going after him  and Tehelka , it clearly shows that they were waiting for a moment like this. Now, we see the former colleague writing how they already knew that Mr. Tejpal’s fall was near and other various reports are coming about him which have nothing to do with this alleged rape case.

Mr. Tejpal is no God or Godman, he is a simple human being and being a human, we all know that we face moments of weaknesses in our lives. Yes, consequences are dependent on our decision to tackle that moment and Mr. Tejpal is already facing the consequences.

But, I will say that before reaching the conclusion, we need to hear the stories from both the sides. If Mr. Tejpal is insisting that he can present the CCTV footage of elevator as a proof of his innocence, why the media and state machinery are ignoring this fact? If we are taking what victim says with 200% surety, we should also give a little attention to what Mr. Tejpal is saying.

And , what is the biggest proof against Mr. Tejpal? His own confession in writing. How many people have these guts to give it in writing that they have done something wrong. A typical criminal do not confess until the last moment but this case came into the light only after his confession in public domain.  But, I believe that he never confessed that he had committed a crime like rape.

I know that most of my readers are going to hate me for this post but I still have to write it. My only concern is that rather  led by emotions, we should give a preference to the logic and should be ready to listen to the both sides. Otherwise , it will not take much time before things may take a dangerous turn and killing absolutely what we have achieved as strong laws when it comes to the crimes against women.

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The terror of Asaram followers

Asaram who is spending his time in Jodhpur jail for the charges of raping a minor girl, was denied bail last week and after that he sent this message to his supporters to stay calm.

Since, Asaram is an expert in using code words, I don’t know what the real message was. But, the fact is that Asaram followers have become very aggressive after that and behaving like a terror wing.

I usually visit different social networking websites to know what is happening in the country and was shocked to see the language Asaram followers use against the people who want to support the minor rape victim who is allegedly sexually assaulted by Asaram.

I visited a Facebook page where a lady cartoonist makes cartoon on different social and political topics in India and was shocked to see the abuses and threats, these saintly Asaram followers were hurling at the lady.

Please check how these Asaram followers behave on social networking websites and I want to know if they could be get into the prison like their Guru Asaram for using such language…

This Asaram follower commented on each and every post on this page and threatened to rape and murder the cartoonist. He told the lady that she should be there in the place of Nirbhaya.

Waah re, Asaram’s bhakt, you are BIG Asshole.

I don’t know if the Facebook profile below is real or fake but please check the profile and abuses this man hurled at the lady cartoonist…

Some more examples..

Chintu Tiwari

You can visit to see Amit SheoRan Facebook id.

The language which these Asaram followers are using is so derogatory and disrespectful that the cartoonist can’t afford to publish them on her website. May be , this is what these followers learned from their Guru that abuse someone so hard that the person hides behind shame and depression. And this is not just a coincidence that numerous Asaram followers started attacking in a tandem. Its an organized conspiracy to harass the lady by abuses and threats so she stops making cartoons on Asaram.

I searched few pages of some official Asaram websites and found these messages pasted there..

This page says…” Sadhaks, please write abuses on her wall.” So it is very clear where are they coming from.

But they don’t understand that time has changed. I congratulate the minor girl and her family who dared to expose this Paakhandi and Dhongi called Asaram so the lakhs of his blind followers can open their eyes.

I would also like to tell you that I also made comments on this Facebook forum and after that since yesterday, I am receiving numerous calls on my number. Some are threatening me, some are abusing me and some of them just torturing me by telling that I am anti-Hindu.

Here is the list of mobile numbers from where I received such calls…


I am sure that they have spread my cell number to all Asaram followers in his every Ashram , just to torture me.

I will keep adding the numbers in this list if they wouldn’t stop.

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Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola: Let’s find the revolutionary in us

Vishal Bhardwaj's Bhains

Life is a journey and in a journey , we leave many things behind us. In my journey, I left my small town to go to Allahabd for my graduation and then from Allahabd to Delhi for a small duration and then Bombay . After continuously living in Bomabay  for the duration of 6 months, I suddenly realized and told my friend , ” Boss, I didn’t see a single Bhains ( buffalo) in Bombay!”   Bhains and Gaay ( cows)  were quite visible in my small city Mainpuri and even in Allahabad,  but in Bombay, it is impossible to see a Bhains grazing freely in the air of of simplicity.

We didn’t realize it but watching a ” Grazing Bhains” was part of our upbringing . It was  so obvious to see  such scenes while walking around in a small town, village or city but in a big city like Mumbai we gradually lose touch from our roots and join this rat- race where greed rules and more is less.

Vishal Bhadwaj’s ” Bhains” is symbol of our roots , that touch of the soil which we have almost forgotten, the memories of the smell of those  small  streets where we played once.  Interestingly,  the color of Bhains is not black, it is pink which represents the thoughts  of Mandola ( Pankaj Kapur).


In the very first scene when the ” Desi daaru” adde-waalaa refused to give Pankaj Kapur his ” Gulaabi Bhains” wine, he broke the whole shop by entering his Limousine in it. That first scene itself explains  the whole philosophy of movie and one will have to admit that Vishal Bhardwaj is one of the most intelligent director in this country.  Once Mandola gets his ” Gulaabo”  ,  his reality, his real self, he becomes Hariyaa from Harry. He even starts speaking in his mother tongue instead of English. His thoughts also take a turn of 180 degree and he becomes a socialist from an industrialist.

The metaphoric desi daaru ‘ Gulaabo’ is nothing else but our childhood memories , memory of our roots,  memory of  that revolutionary in us which we buried to join the rat-race of power, greed and money. Harry urf Hariya sees that pink buffalo at his palace like home where he has everything a man wants but that  ‘Bhains’ still haunts him.

What one can say about the performance of Pankaj Kapur! I love him from the days when I saw him in Pankaj Parashar’s Karamchanda. He was my childhood hero and I used to mimic him a lot.  My respect for him  grew tremendously  when I saw him in a movie on DD called ” Ek Doctor Ki Maut”.

I don’t have any words to express my feelings about his performance in this movie.  My respect for Vishal Bhadwaj knows no bounds for giving Pankaj Kapur the central role. Bravo, Sir! Please make more cinema of that kind.


The only complaint I have is with the marketing team of this movie.  A Vishal Bhardwaj movie with such  great content and such superlative performances by Pankaj Kapur and Shabna Azmi, you are  selling it on Anushka’s Kachchha and Baniyaan ??? Baincho, Baincho!!!!

And, I will end this blog with one of Pankaj Kapur’s dialogue  by showing the middle finger to the critics who are not able to see this BIG change in Indian cinema.

” Kahaan hai, pandit? Baincho, Baincho!”

Pankaj Kapur as Karamchand

Pankaj Kapur as Karamchand

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ऐसे ही कहीं , एक काली रात में कोई रेप थोड़े ही हो जाता है !

तुम मर गयीं, चलो अच्छा हुआ ! वरना लोगों ने तुम्हे ज़िंदा लाश तो पहले ही कहना शुरू कर दिया था। तुम्हारे माँ – बाप को ‘बेचारे माँ – बाप’ का तमगा पहले ही नसीब हो चुका था। नेताओं को गाली देना, सरकार को दोषी ठहराना तो बस एक तरीका था अपने अपराध बोध को छुपाने का। राज की बात बताऊँ , तुम्हारी मौत का ज़िम्मेदार मैं ही हूँ। हाँ, मैं ! ऐसे ही कहीं , एक काली रात में कोई रेप थोड़े ही हो जाता है ! ये मेरी कायरता का नतीज़ा है कि तुम्हारा रेप हुआ और फिर ऐसा हमला कि  दुनिया का कोई डाक्टर तुम्हारा इलाज़ नहीं कर पाया।

अगर मुझ में ज़रा भी मर्दानगी होती तो मैंने तुम्हे बचपन में पिटते या गाली खाते हुए थोड़े ही देखा होता। अगर मुझ में ज़रा भी इंसानियत होती तो में उठ खडा होता उस हर हाथ के खिलाफ जिसने तुम्हे चोट पहुंचाने की कोशिश की थी। में लड़ता उस हर गाली के खिलाफ जो दोस्त-यार प्यार में एक दूसरे को देते हैं जिनमे एक दूसरे की  माँ – बहन **** कर मर्दानगी को सहलाया और दुलारा जाता है। अगर मुझ में मर्दानगी होती तो में चुप ना रहता जब भी मनोरंजन के नाम पर तुम्हे सरे बाज़ार खडा कर के तुम्हारी चोली, तुम्हारे सीने , तुम्हारे जलते बदन  और  तुम्हारी जवानी के चर्चे कर के  तुम्हे बदनाम किया जाता था।

मेरे DNA  के अन्दर ये नामर्दी कूट कूट कर भरी है और मैं  इस वजह से बेहद शर्मिन्दा हूँ, यही कारण है कि  मैं औरतो को दबा- धमका कर अपने मर्द होने का खोखला दावा पेश करता हूँ . लेकिन मौक़ा मिलते ही कभी , मन ही मन तो कभी सच- मुच  उनका बलात्कार कर देता हूँ ताकि  वो अपनी हदें ना भूलें।

क्या करूँ , मजबूर हूँ। मेरे अन्दर का जानवर, मेरे बस मैं नहीं रहता। माँ दुर्गा के चित्र जो आधा भैंसा और आधा आदमी दिखाई पड़ता है न, दरअसल मैं वही हूँ। मैं उस अन्दर के भैंसे को छिपा कर रखता हूँ इस दुनिया से लेकिन कभी कभी वो मेरे अन्दर से बाहर निकल आता है। कभी कभी तो वो तीन साल की बच्ची देख कर भी हुंकारे भरने लगता है और जब तक अपनी भूख मिटा न ले, शांत नहीं होता। 3 साल या 30 साल, मुझे तो बस एक ही चीज़ नज़र आती है।

तुम्हे क्या लगता है , ये मुझे अच्छा लगता है? नहीं! इसीलिए तो मैं मंदिरों के बाहर लम्बी लम्बी लाइन लगा कर अपने गुनाहों की क्षमा  माँगता हूँ , बार – बार आध्यात्म  की चादर ओढ़ कर अपने अन्दर के भैंसे को छुपाने की कोशिश करता हूँ।

मेरे सुधरने के तो कोई आसार नहीं है लेकिन तुम्हे क्या हो गया है। साडी के कई लपेटों में लिपटे -लिपटे, करवा-चौथ का खोखला व्रत रखते रखते, चूड़ी, बिछिया , सिन्दूर और बिंदी जैसे गुलामी प्रतीकों के नीचे दबे दबे, हम जैसे जानवरों के लिए खाना बनाते-  बनाते और उनकी हाँ मैं हाँ मिलाते , तुम भी भूल  गयी कि  तुम क्या हो?!

जब जब इंसान के अन्दर के जानवर ने  तुम पर ग़लत निगाह डाली है , वो सिर्फ तुम्हारी शक्ति से ही पराजित हुआ है।

याद करो,  उस आदमी के रूप में छिपे जानवर को मारने के लिए कोई भी आगे नहीं आ पाया था। सब पराजित हो चुके थे उस से लेकिन फिर तुमने  अकेले ही उस भैंसे का गला काट डाला। मेरा गला भी काट दो। मुझ को मुक्ति दे दो इस पाशविकता से, इस वहशीपने से। अब ये मेरे बर्दाश्त के बाहर है। बस , तुमसे ही उम्मीद है। तुम ही इस दुनिया को , इस समाज को फिर से भयमुक्त कर सकती हो। हम हारे हुए खड़े  हैं। अपने अपराध को छिपाने के लिए  इधर- उधर कौने ढूंढ रहे हैं , अपने नपुंसक क्रोध को इधर उधर उछाल रहे है लेकिन किसी से कुछ नहीं हो रहा। क्यों, क्योंकि हम उन्ही मैं से एक हैं  जिन्होंने उस रात एक अकेली लड़की का रेप किया था।

ऐसे ही कहीं , एक काली रात में कोई रेप थोड़े ही हो जाता है !

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